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Apr 05 2014 07:34 PM | ReiKo in Community News

We've made some basic changes to the forum and rules regarding posting.

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Little Jumping Man: Harc's First Solo Jumptage

Apr 15 2014 11:11 PM | Jump Legacy Harc in Articles

You asked for original jumps, you have some. These are not the best I have, this is a teaser for what's to come, the jumps are still amazing though. I have one partner at 1:09 but other than that, it's all by me.
All jumps were done on 100% speed,gravity,and damage. Captured and edited by Caboose3146. Enjoy.

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TEK - A Halo Trickjumping Video

Apr 12 2014 02:54 PM | Exylophone in Articles

Figured I should post this here since the jumping forum has been pretty dry recently and someone will probably post it eventually anyway.

Although the video focuses more on techniques and creative/gimmicky elements than just strong jumps in general, I hope you guys are able to enjoy it.

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Silent Cartographer 3:39. New world record by V...

Apr 12 2014 08:09 AM | ReiKo in Articles

Looks like we have a bit of competition going on. Vetro, our newest member, has dropped Silent Cartographers time down to 3:39. Check out the new world record!

Follow the thread here.

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Silent Cartographer in 3:44 - New WR!

Apr 08 2014 04:34 PM | slYnki in Articles

Yay! I'll improve on this soon when I'm well rested =P

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