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IM Board for Any Jumpr Interested - QUAD App

Jan 21 2015 09:55 PM | Skulk in Articles

Just click http://quadapp.com/qi/sl284jrs to join the convo, or download the app at http://quadapp.com/l/s_s_qd and search SL284JRS

Sometimes a forum is a bit too big and slow. In the link above is a group chat I made for any of you guys who wish to join. Just get in the group, set up a nickname reminiscent of your current title, and spam away. Again, nothing official here, just thought it would be fun to have something a little simpler to fiddle with. QUAD lets you create subgroups(threads) to organize the chats a bit more and creating a new quad for clan chat is pretty easy and handy so you guys would probably like it.

Hope to see a couple of you guys join. Sorry the GroupMe idea was a fail. Who the fuck makes an app that only works in the US?

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Jump Right In - A few oldies, a couple newies.

Dec 29 2014 04:00 AM | Skulk in Articles

I made a video.

Just felt like proving I could make a video for funsies.


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Welcome MCC! MCC friend finder

Nov 13 2014 08:48 AM | ReiKo in Articles

Looking for people to play the Master Chief Collection with? Head over to the friend finding thread via the link found below. Post your gamertag and/or add tags from the thread.

Feel free to organise matches, videos, whatever.


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Halo 2 - Cairo Station - Warthog Dropped &...

Nov 09 2014 07:48 PM | DrBizz in Articles

So, yeah the hog drop thing worked. I knew from what 'Agent Me' said on HIH that the hog is spawned and then another separate object called something like the 'hog rail'. The hog spawns, then the rail, then the hog is attached to it fixing it in place. My theory was if you could body overload and then spawn the hog with very little RAM left there wouldn't be enough space for the rail to load, and maybe the hog could drop and be driveable. This is crazy that it actually worked, and was only possible because the hog loads first.

There are some odd things about the hog, too. The wheels don't spin, and when a player hops in the turret he is frozen in the hog like a statue. In that state, he can't shoot or exit the hog. Very strange.

There are many options for tricks, one of them fall-timing the hog for a drop down to the bottom. That would be a fun fall. Also, a swordfly on the MAC gun might be doable since the hog can be moved for different flight angles.

Enjoy guys!

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