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Welcome MCC! MCC friend finder

Nov 13 2014 08:48 AM | ReiKo in Articles

Looking for people to play the Master Chief Collection with? Head over to the friend finding thread via the link found below. Post your gamertag and/or add tags from the thread.

Feel free to organise matches, videos, whatever.


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Halo 2 - Cairo Station - Warthog Dropped &...

Nov 09 2014 07:48 PM | DrBizz in Articles

So, yeah the hog drop thing worked. I knew from what 'Agent Me' said on HIH that the hog is spawned and then another separate object called something like the 'hog rail'. The hog spawns, then the rail, then the hog is attached to it fixing it in place. My theory was if you could body overload and then spawn the hog with very little RAM left there wouldn't be enough space for the rail to load, and maybe the hog could drop and be driveable. This is crazy that it actually worked, and was only possible because the hog loads first.

There are some odd things about the hog, too. The wheels don't spin, and when a player hops in the turret he is frozen in the hog like a statue. In that state, he can't shoot or exit the hog. Very strange.

There are many options for tricks, one of them fall-timing the hog for a drop down to the bottom. That would be a fun fall. Also, a swordfly on the MAC gun might be doable since the hog can be moved for different flight angles.

Enjoy guys!

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Halo 2 - Cairo Station - Gunns Saved in Single...

Nov 03 2014 05:09 AM | DrBizz in Articles

Hello guys! So, I managed to setup a vertical BAW Dantheman style and sure enough blasted through the ceiling and saved gunns. There is more to experiment with in the future, this vid just shows the setup and bringing him to the bomb room to load the cutscene.


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দুই - A Halo 3 Pacman Trick Jumping Dualtage

Oct 18 2014 11:13 PM | Chewnez in Articles

Hello ladies and gents! I am proud to present a Halo 3 Pacman jumping montage. The title is just the symbol দুই . It is the number two in Bengail. Me and THFluffy have been working on this montage for a bit and I could not be any happier with it. I hope you all enjoy it as much as me and please feel free to leave any feed back in the comments. Also, please check it out on Youtube and comment as well because every little bit helps right? Huge shout out to Sekela for the edit! Enjoy!

Jumps by: Chewnez & THFluffy

Edited by: Supersekela

Music Used: Yellow Claw - Shotgun (Flaxo Remix)

Credits Music: Calvin Harris - Feel So Close

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New Skin!

Oct 14 2014 10:10 PM | ReiKo in Articles

After a poll rivaling the Scottish independence vote, we voted in favor of a new skin for the site, with wishes of V1 similarities repeatedly cropping up.

Well, we chipped in and picked this one out to be our new replacement. The animated banner and logo is a work in progress. If/when we find a better alternative, we'll put that into place.

You may also notice smaller tweaks to the appearance over the coming weeks, nothing too noticeable but they will be there, I'm sure.

This skin is now the default, though you can still set your preferred skin by navigating to the bottom of the page and using the drop down menu under "Change Theme" to pick the old one. Our terribly mundane mobile skin is still available should full site not work properly on your device.

We're open to feedback for possible changes, just drop them into the good or bad mood thread, depending on how much something pleases or annoys you.

Hope you all prefer it, and hopefully it doesn't melt your eyes in the late hours.

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