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"The Banshee Room"

May 12 2015 08:56 PM | ReiKo in Articles

To most, this small space means nothing, but to a select few, this was one of the forbidden fruits of the Halo tricking garden. With no means of traditional clipping, bumps or what have you, Termacious Trickocity employed a totally different trick in order to give themselves sufficient tooling to break into that room. The Banshee room.

More of a "Banshee cupboard", these small enclosures encompass the high ceilings around a docking area on Halo: Reach's Long Night of Solace. TT use a Seraph to make their way into what appears to be an impenetrable fortress of blue shielded bullshit. Alas, TT make breaking Reach look easy. Breaking the game in a previous section allowed them to bring their tool to the site and finally get in. Most will not know why this is difficult, or why it even matters, but the fact that I'm spending my time writing this write-up should be testament to the fact.

I can only apologise for this not being the headline of our front page sooner. Not merely because this is a cool trick that was considered impossible by most, but it's the combined efforts of the group to continually smash the "impossible" and deliver impressive exploratory and complex shenanigans. It's easy for us to breeze over tricking, what with our dwindling community almost countable with the fingers on your hands, but these guys deserve every iota of credit and respect as fellow Halo tricksters.

Congratulate our guys who are still putting out high end content, despite the fact their community is almost gone. Of course, this should be no matter, but it holds true regardless.

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Kinetica - A Unique GTA Experience

Apr 22 2015 07:17 PM | ReiKo in Articles

Inspired by Michael Shainblum's "Mirror City", I knew when this game came out, I had to do my own take on it. I've been working on this pretty much since release (last Tuesday) and feel it reached a point that accurately conveys the moving machine that is Los Santos. The video features some very dramatic shots that I hope you enjoy more than I enjoyed filming.

If anyone feels kind enough, please share where you can. I'd be very appreciative for those of you who can spare a moment to do so.

Video blocked? Use http://hola.org

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IM Board for Any Jumpr Interested - QUAD App

Jan 21 2015 09:55 PM | Skulk in Articles

Just click http://quadapp.com/qi/sl284jrs to join the convo, or download the app at http://quadapp.com/l/s_s_qd and search SL284JRS

Sometimes a forum is a bit too big and slow. In the link above is a group chat I made for any of you guys who wish to join. Just get in the group, set up a nickname reminiscent of your current title, and spam away. Again, nothing official here, just thought it would be fun to have something a little simpler to fiddle with. QUAD lets you create subgroups(threads) to organize the chats a bit more and creating a new quad for clan chat is pretty easy and handy so you guys would probably like it.

Hope to see a couple of you guys join. Sorry the GroupMe idea was a fail. Who the fuck makes an app that only works in the US?

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Jump Right In - A few oldies, a couple newies.

Dec 29 2014 04:00 AM | Skulk in Articles

I made a video.

Just felt like proving I could make a video for funsies.


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