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Apr 05 2014 07:34 PM | ReiKo in Community News

We've made some basic changes to the forum and rules regarding posting.

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slYnki and Mator Present: SINGULAR - A Halo 1 J...

Jul 10 2014 08:46 PM | slYnki in Articles

Description to follow!

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Halo CE Keyes 2:27 on Easy

Jun 05 2014 05:03 AM | Monopoli in Articles

Cool new stuff being discovered.

Check out www.haloruns.com as this level and maybe others get more optimized!

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Dissolution 2 || A Halo 3 Jumping Video || Jump...

Jun 02 2014 04:08 PM | JustEPIC in Articles

Jumpstyle is proud to present Dissolution 2

We appreciate and thank everyone who helped us get this video rolling on it's tracks, and now that it is finished, we hope you all will enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.

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Halo Reach Trick: The Cutscene Cave

May 15 2014 09:43 PM | Sekela in Articles

The Cave is huge to us, one of the hardest tricks for us to figure out. The Cave is the beginning cutscene room for the mission of Long Night of Solace. The room is located inside a mountain cover with about 22 pan cam units of solid space on all sides, no way in or out, or so we thought. This trick took 3, almost 4 years to figure out and complete. But once we figured it out the trick became simple. We hope you enjoy, The Cave!

Also here is one of the first threads to bring up “The Cave” challenge, pretty interesting to read:  http://jumprs.org/to...tutorial/page-2

EDIT: I guess I over hyped my excitment and people are taking what I'm saying the wrong way, so I changed the discription for you guys. :)

On a personal note, I would to give a huge thanks to Bojangles for hooking me up with some better tools to edit with and ReiKo for pushing for a new style of tutorials. I defiantly stepped out of my editing comfort zone for this one and because of these two my editing has grown so much. Thanks again guys!

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